DIY Flash Cards for Less Than One Dollar!

I am a huge fan of saving money, especially on things that won’t be used for very long, so I decided to make my own DIY flash cards for our math work, rather than buy a set. We are working on memorizing our multiplication tables right now, and I’ve broken everything down into a three week course simply for multiplication. I do not expect them to memorize every number, but I want them familiarized with multiplication and the associated properties, because that is what is important in the long run.

DIY Flash Cards

I made a set of flash cards through the number 12, and it honestly took me about a week or two to complete them, simply because I was so busy. All told, I spent probably six hours working on them. They are color coded, so that I can add or remove specific number decks as we need to. I also laminated them, because I have a tendency to spill things (coffee, tea, soup, yogurt, you name it), but only on papers that are important.

DIY Flash Cards

A Quick Explanation on Materials and Method

The only things I used to create these were BLANK index cards (this is important! You do NOT want lined ones unless that’s all you can find! Flash cards just aren’t as cute when made with lined cards), some markers we had on hand, my handy dandy Scotch Thermal Laminator*, and a total of 29 laminating pouches.

The index cards only cost $1.00 at Kroger, because I buy generic. The markers were free, because they were a gift, and the laminator was bought ages ago and has been used enough to offset the whopping $25 I paid for it at Wal-Mart. I don’t buy the name brand laminating pouches, because the Wal-Mart brand is $8 for 50, and Scotch brand is easily $7 more than that!

DIY Flash Cards

To make them, I simply went through and wrote all of equations and answers for one number set, starting with 1 and ending with 12. After writing the equation, I’d go back through and put a border on both sides of the cards with the markers.

I wanted them to be bright and colorful. It’s so much easier fulfilling a mind-numbing task when you are staring at something cute, and I know my daughters feel the same way. You could do these any way you want though! One number for odds, one for evens maybe? Or even all the same color, so your kids won’t know what to expect when you are studying with them.

If you have your own DIY flash cards, link me in the comments!

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