Word of the Week Introduction

Word of the Week

I think it can be universally agreed upon that consistently developing our vocabulary is a good thing. I found this amazing blog post that basically details everything I wanted to say, and they even mention George Orwell’s novel, 1984, in which vocabulary is literally limited by the government. Y’all, that is terrible, and limiting vocabulary – whether it’s mandatory or by simply not paying enough attention to expanding it – we are limiting our ability to think beyond the scope of our own bubble.

Vocabulary is something that should be improved upon throughout our entire lives, but it is most important during the formative childhood years. Our children are usually great communicators, barring any learning or developmental delays or disabilities. My oldest daughter, in particular, can talk for ages, but sometimes the message gets lost in the speech. Her biggest issues are repetition of words, and the occasional inability to find the right words for the message she is intending to communicate. Expanding vocabulary is part if how we can solve this problem!

I don’t go too heavily into vocabulary right now; we don’t have a list of ten words a week or anything like that. We have, however, started a Word of the Week theme, which right now is usually also a life skill (i.e. accountability, responsibility, altruism, etc). I give them the word and a basic definition, then I find a quote that sums up the word rather well, and we use that word frequently in our conversations over the course of the week.

Our first word ever was Accountability. The children aren’t quite as adept at fulfilling their obligations as I would like, but they are young. So I thought this would be a good first word, as it’s a concept we already discuss a lot. The quote was from Ben Franklin, “he who is good at making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” They took to the first word and concept pretty well, so I think I’m going to continue it! I will likely make a weekly post about what our word and quote are, starting next week.

Stay tuned for my next post, where I show y’all how I made my own (cute!) flash cards for less than $1.00!